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Arizona Payday Loans

Loans Payday can help you if you find yourself needing an Arizona payday loan, be it a small sum to help you stay afloat until your next paycheck or a larger amount of money. It only takes a few minutes to fill out our application and once you are approved, the funds are deposited into your account, making it fast and convenient to use our company. When you are approved, you can have the funds in your bank account in just a few short hours; this truly is the easiest way to get that cash you need fast!

Payday Loan Lending Laws in Arizona

Companies are legally allowed to offer Arizona payday loans, though the state of Arizona does place specific rules and laws on those companies to protect their citizens. The agreement between the borrower and lender should clearly show contact information and let borrowers know that they can only have one payday loan or deferred loan in their possession at the same time. Each notice must state the information in Spanish and English both. An Arizona payday loan is susceptible to an extension; however a second extension must be requested in a written format. The customer must receive a written response in Spanish and English both, with information regarding financial education classes and credit counseling services. This is limited to only two loan extensions on the same loan in consecutive terms and cannot be more than that. Details relating to the cost of the loan and the annual percentage rate on loans between $100 and $500 should clearly be posted on a chart used in the Arizona payday loan center.

As of September 2005, Arizona has over 610 payday lenders operating in the state, which clearly shows how fast the industry is growing. Estimates are that there are a number of more companies currently working in the state. The number is believed to keep rising in the coming years and soon we may see more payday lenders than fast food restaurants in the state!

Many of us have experienced what it is like to have an unforeseen financial event turn up in our lives and have nowhere to turn and no money to pay the bill. You may live in Arizona, be considering a move to Arizona, or live in another of the 50 states in the country. If this matches your situation, then we have a way to help you. You can get the cash you need now by taking advantage of one of our Arizona payday loans and then return the money to us once you get paid and are back on your feet again.

There are bills that need to be paid right away such as the electric bill, water bill, cable bill, even your mortgage payment or an emergency payment that comes due. To make sure that you have the necessary funds to pay for those bills, you can use our information to get an Arizona payday loan right away. Pay for sudden repairs or a home improvement project by seeking an Arizona payday loan from our company. You will be stunned to find out just how easy it is to get an Arizona payday loan and how fast that money arrives in your bank account.

Take care of your needs today, without waiting for that next paycheck to finally arrive. There is no reason why you should wait several weeks to get the money you need to pay your bills. Our professionalism makes sure that you get the money you need as fast as possible. For more information visit our website at offers an application form that you can fill out in just a few short minutes. You will know instantly is you have been approved. Our services are completely secure and we promise that your information will be confidential and secure. We know that you will find our website incredibly easy to use.

The state of Arizona requires that all lenders offering Arizona payday loans in the state must adhere to the guidelines they set. A loan agreement should carefully describe those guidelines. The agreement must clearly state the name of the business, the date the funds were released, the amount of the Arizona payday loan, and a bill describing all the fees charged on the amount of the Arizona payday loan. Arizona law requires that the total amount should be listed in a dollar amount. This agreement will also include information relating to the annual percentage rate. The state of Arizona protects the privacy and rights of all customers and the written agreement will also include that information.

There are clearly defined limits placed on the total amount of money a lender can give at any one time. The minimum amount of a loan must be $50, but must also be $500 or less, which is the maximum. At any one time, a borrower can only have one Arizona payday loan. A new agreement can be granted by the lending company, but only when a borrower is unable to pay the total amount of their loan. The lender also has the right to add a new fee to the total amount of the loan when this happens. However, the new fees cannot be more than 19%.

Each customer who decides on an Arizona payday loan should have information available in both Spanish and English as stated in the laws of Arizona. Every customer should also have information and access to credit counseling and financial education services, including contact information for those companies. To operate a payday lending company in the state, the company must have a license from the state. The state of Arizona has a number of facts relating to the laws and requirements of cash lending. Here are a few of those:

In the event of a problem or complaint, the customer must have access to an address and phone number.

The APR or annual percentage rate must be displayed in full view of the customers at the payday loan company in a chart form.

The payday loan company can seek damages and money in the court of law if the borrower closes an account or stops payment on the check prior to paying back the Arizona payday loan.

Arizona Unemployment Statistics

In January of 2006 there were a total of 144,182 people who were unemployed in Arizona. This equals out to be 5.0 percent of the population, which indicates an increase over the previous year. The last ten years has seen a steady and stable level of unemployment in the state.