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Alaska Payday Loans

We can help you get a quick Alaska payday loan. Our application process is quick and easy. Applying online only requires two minutes of your time and you can have the funds deposited in your bank account the same day. Although Alaska payday loans are illegal in Alaska (please see information below), we have a network of lenders that can offer Alaska payday loans in all 50 states including Alaska.

Alaska Payday Loan Lending Laws

As of 2006, the practice of payday lending was still illegal in Alaska. According to Alaska Public Interest Research Group (AkPIRG), the Small Loan Act places a cap on interest rates at 36% annually. However, this does not affect loans of $500 or less. This means that payday centers operate illegally in Alaska. In turn, it presents a challenge for the Alaska Legal Services Corporation.

AkPIRG is sponsoring a series of discussion forums, which include a visit to Alaska by Jean Ann Fox, of the Consumer Federation of America. Ms. Fox possesses experience in the payday lending business in states nationwide. Payday lenders in Alaska are not exempt from the general Usury Law. This law caps annual interest rates at 10.25%. Agencies that make loans of less than $500 are exempt from the Alaska Small Loan Law. Therefore, because they are considered small loan companies, they are not regulated nor licensed by the state. This loophole has made it possible for the payday industry to flourish illegally in Alaska. According to Ms. Fox, there are lenders in Alaska, but the exact number is not known. Obviously, their operations are illegal in the state.

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There are currently no payday lenders in Alaska. The prohibitions in place make it difficult for lending agencies to make a profit. These prohibitions include small interest rate caps and usury laws. Alaska is not the only state with such regulations. Currently, 19 states prohibit payday lending. Eight of these states require permits in order for the lending centers to operate. Moreover, 23 states are regulated in regards to lender's business practices.

Banks in Alaska cannot charge consumers 5% over the Twelfth Federal Reserve District discount rate on a loan. This poses a problem since banks are often unwilling to give small loans to their customers. Consumers who need a small loan but find it difficult to obtain it, may be forced to take out bigger loans than they need.

One positive aspect is that if the lender applies a higher interest rate than what is permitted by law, the consumer can collect double the amount of interest paid on the loan. This serves as a deterrent for banks to make sure they do not overcharge on interest rates. It protects Alaskans from greedy banking practices.

Furthermore, Alaska AS 60.20.230 prohibits loan splitting (the practice of splitting a loan into two to collect double fees) in Alaska. However, a bank can legally approve a loan for a customer and then approve a second loan as long as the splitting restrictions are not violated.

Unemployment Statistics for Alaska

The first part of 2006 reported an unemployment rate of 7.7%. This is equal to approximately 26,116 residents who did not have a job during that period. The high unemployment rate is one of the reasons that payday agencies have succeeded in Alaska