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Colorado Payday Loans

When you use, you are using a company that is dedicated to getting you the money you need. Do you need money before your next paycheck? We can help! We can offer you a loan, and you may be eligible to receive one up to $1,000. The best part of our loan service is that we are quick and easy to use. Your money may be deposited into your bank account the same day that you apply online for your loan.

Loan Laws For Colorado

Payday loan companies are legal in the state of Colorado. However, if you believe you will be using our services, you should still familiarize yourself with the laws regarding payday loans. You will be charged a fee for a Colorado payday loan, which is a finance fee, but it can't be more than 20% from the primary $300 loaned to the borrower. Also, any amount over $300 is subject to a 7.5% fee. That finance fee is seen as being earned on the date of the transaction. There are limits to the loan or loans a borrower can have out at one given time, which is $500. The borrower also has the option of going back on the loan agreement if decided on by 5 PM the next business day. This information must be posted in at least a 10-point font, and must be written up for each and every loan agreement.

The number of Colorado payday loan lenders was 114 and operated in 496 separate lending locations, from the year 2005.

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Colorado law prohibits the splitting of a loan, which is the practice of splitting up one loan into two. This is done so the payday loan company can charge interest on both loans and collect more money from the borrower, yet from the same amount.

There are limits that are also regulated in Colorado on the amount of the loan a payday loan company can lend out. In Colorado, up to but not over $500 can be borrowed.

This type of restriction also means that a borrower cannot go to two or more locations to get over $500 in loans at a time. Every Colorado payday loan company must adhere to the lending laws of the state.

Finance charges that are applied to payday loans in Colorado are also strictly regulated. A lender may not collect any more than 20% for the first $300 that a borrower receives from their company. Any amounts of $300 or more cannot have a fee of more than 7.5% applied to them. For $500 loaned out, the fee can't be more than $75. This is the maximum finance charge that can be applied to a single borrowed loan of $500. Again, a Colorado payday loan company is not permitted to split up a loan in the attempt to collect more fees. These laws are in place to best protect the interests of the borrowers who use payday loan services.

Colorado Unemployment Statistics

In January of 2006, the unemployment rate in Colorado was 5.2%. As of January 2006, 131,422 residents of Colorado did not have a place of employment. In the year 2005, in January, the rate was 5.6%. The year 2006 proved a lower rate of unemployment, according to the United States Department of Labor. Within the past decade, the unemployment rate has been wavering within four points.