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Dollar Finance

Dollar Finance is worldwide - They started their business in 1979 and now have over 1500 stores around the world. Dollar Financial operates stores in Canada, the United Kingdom and in Ireland. In the United States, Dollar Finance has 1,122 stores in 31 states. This makes the Dollar Financial network the largest financial check cashing and payday loan corporation in operation in Canada and the UK. It is the second largest one in the United States. You can find more information at their website,

Dollar Finance does short term cash advance loans for their customers. These cash advance loans are actually payday loans where the customer borrows against their next pay check. For a customer to qualify for a payday loan at Dollar Financial, they must have an active checking account. Dollar Financial also requires customers to verify their income and to write a personal check for the amount borrowed. Dollar Finance will hold the check and cash it on the next payday unless the customer comes in to pay the amount in full and void the check.

Dollar Finance offers check cashing services, short term payday cash advance loans, Western Union money transfers, as well as money orders. Customers can also pay their utility bills at Dollar Finance. They also can do tax preparations for their customers and currency exchanges. Dollar Finance is a much needed service in communities throughout the world.

Dollar Finance Ratings

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  • Average 4.3
  • Service 5
  • Cost 3
  • Time 5
  • Use Again 4

Dollar Finance Reviews

check cashing w/ dollar financial

Check cashing was easy with DollarFinancial. I was in, proved who I was, they cashed my check, took a piece of the pie, then I was out. Easy as that From: Kip Location:
  • 5 Average
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Cost
  • 5 Time
  • 5 Use Again

Expensive loans with DollarFinancial

It will definitely cost you if you get a loan from this company. Their apr rates are trough the roof for your payday loans. If you can go somewhere else for a payday loan. Although they do do check cashing as well which is a great help. From: Anonymous Location: Texas
  • 3.5 Average
  • 5 Service
  • 1 Cost
  • 5 Time
  • 3 Use Again