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Money Corner is a successful subsidiary of the large Dollar Financial Group, Inc., which operates around 350 financial businesses in the United States. Other subsidiaries are responsible for around 200 outlets and for the licensing of 100 franchises in Canada and 500 in the United Kingdom. Money Corner itself has stores across the western peninsula of Florida. It prides itself on convenience, professionalism, and efficiency. Their staff is hard-working and highly-knowledgeable in their field and relishes the opportunity to serve customers to the very best of their ability.

Money Corner offers payday advances to members of the general public who may encounter unexpected extra costs such as medical bills or emergency repairs. A loan can be made from $50-$500 depending on the individual's employment status and income. An advance is made against a personal cheque supplied by the customer that is not deposited for up to 14 days.

To obtain a loan, customers will require an operational home telephone, proof of a current occupation and a personal bank account that is not in arrears. Documents required for the process are a personal cheque, a bank statement or evidence of recent pay from a job and official federal or state-issued identification.

Money Corner can offer tax loans for limited periods via the Santa Barbara Bank & Trust, who must approve the loan independently. Money Corner, however, is not affiliated with this bank, cannot involve itself with the loan application process nor provide credit on behalf of the bank. Santa Barbara Bank & Trust may require extra details from the customer vis a vis identification.

Money Corner is committed to informing the public that payday loans are only short-term measures and should not be used as a general, long-term method of solving financial difficulties. Expert advice for those with such troubles is available from many sources. As an ethically-sound company, Money Corner insists upon the prompt repayment of its payday loans and cash advances so that customers do not sink into a mire of debt. Money Corner must make it clear to the public that its services do not mean a request or solicitation for short-term loans in all of the United States. Its services may not be available in some regions, although these conditions are mutable. Borrowers must comply with all statutory obligations that may exist in their state or area with regard to any dealings with Money Corner.

Money Corner prides itself on its sensitive handling of all personal data submitted to it. It employs expert staff to deal with such information in the fair and correct manner. These staff members are fully accountable for their conduct. Customers will always be informed as to the purposes for which data is collected, and their consent sought beforehand. Money Corner will never pass personal details to a third party, unless the customer decides otherwise or the law requires it. All efforts will be made to certify that information is recorded accurately and protected against possible theft or leak. Customers can request from Money Corner information about the use of their data and to convey their opinion about the correctness of it.

As all legitimate payday advance companies should be, Money Corner is a bona fide member of the respected professional bodies FISCA and CFSA. Like every other financial institution of its kind, Money Corner is bound by Truth-in-Lending laws that require financial disclosures to be represented as an Annual Percentage Rate (APR), or the cost of the credit offered conveyed as an annual rate. Such laws guarantee consistency between varying credit sources, so the customer is able to compare rates, weigh up the options, and reach a decision that is best for them according to their individual financial needs.

All loans are made by NCP Finance Limited Partnership in Texas. DFG is responsible for granting loans to customers in other states. Californian branches are licensed by the California Department of Corporations. Specific contracts between borrower and lender govern loans, with credit approval conducted by DFG.

Money Corner's website ( provides a useful loan chart rate and store locator that allows the customer to conveniently make their preparations regarding a loan. The site also offers the facility of paying parking tickets accrued in Lee County. Public use of any of the features or copy on the website can be for informational and personal purposes only. Money Corner can be contacted through their website, by telephone on 1-866-CASH-TO-GO, by fax on (239) 540-9290 or via snail mail at 631, Cape Coral Parkway East, Cape Coral, FL 33904.

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Fast working MoneyCorner

Within 15 minutes of my application being done, I had the cash I had applied for in my hand. Great service here. From: Anonymous Location: flagstaff, arizona
  • 3 Average
  • 3 Service
  • 3 Cost
  • 3 Time
  • 3 Use Again

out of this world fees

I would suggest trying any bank before considering Money Corner. Their fees are outrageous. I see this company as the last resort. I would rather borrow money from a family member. From: Anonymous Location: fort myers, fl
  • 2.5 Average
  • 3 Service
  • 1 Cost
  • 5 Time
  • 1 Use Again