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Mr. Payroll is a check cashing service that is owned and operated by Cash America International. This parent company owns many lending companies that provide customers with financial tools to meet their needs. Mr. Payroll is one of the better-known companies, located across the country. This company operated kiosk stations that are conveniently located. The purpose of Mr. Payroll is to provide a fast check cashing experience for customers. These small kiosks are often managed by one employee. They can be found as independent stores or small booths located in various stores. Many Mr. Payroll stations are found in large supermarket chains, as well as in many gas stations, such as Texaco. Check cashing is a popular service that is needed my many working American families. Many banks close early, leaving people with no way to cash their weekly paychecks. Due to the convenience and late hours of Mr. Payroll, customers can get their check cashed for a very small fee. This fee is usually never an issue for customers because of the excellent customer service they receive.

Mr. Payroll has become one of the most popular check cashing companies in the United States. This company operates in more than twenty states, having over 150 locations. Mr. Payroll has been providing this service to customers since 1988. They have become one of the most trusted non-bank check cashing companies in the entire country. Mr. Payroll cashed over a million checks each year. All different types of checks are accepted, including payroll, government issued, tax returns, and personal checks. This fast and convenient way to cash a check has become a favorite for the working class. Trying to make it to the bank on time is no longer an issue. Since Mr. Payroll is located in many supermarkets and convenience stores, accessibility is never an issue. It actually is beneficial to customers because they can cash their checks and do their shopping all in one trip. Mr. Payroll not only offers this great service, but it helps to save valuable time.

Mr. Payroll offers other services along with check cashing. The small kiosks also have bill payment services. Customers can pay utility and cable bills at the same time they cash their checks. Mr. Payroll also provides money orders and money transfer services. Most customers find that this company allows them to tend to all their financial needs in one stop. Each kiosk in a franchise and is independently owned and operated. All employees are professionally trained to provide fast and courteous service. A satisfied customer is a returning customer, so Mr. Payroll aims to provide the highest standard of customer service possible.

Mr. Payroll kiosks are equipped with proprietary computer systems. These computers allow for fast transactions and a very high accuracy. The computer system is much faster than traditional banks. It only takes about two minutes for a transaction to be completed. Long time customers of Mr. Payroll have reported that they can have their check cashed in less than one minute. Once a customer's information is in the computer system, the transaction is very fast. First time customers will be amazed at the speed of service, and will surely return to Mr. Payroll for their check cashing needs.

Mr. Payroll continues to improve upon service and accessibility. A few years ago, Wells Fargo joined forces with this company. Mr. Payroll began to install automated check cashing machines in many locations. These machines were a huge success. They operate in a similar manner to an ATM. Customers found that this process was even faster than cashing a check in person. With this success, Mr. Payroll has plans to extend their services to other states in the country, installing hundreds of these machines to service their loyal customers.

Thousands of customers rely on this service from Mr. Payroll. There have been a number of customers who have gone on to open their own Mr. Payroll franchise. If you are a current customer who is interested in a franchise opportunity, you can receive more information by contacting the main office located in Fort Worth, Texas. The toll free number is 1-800-322-3250. There is also franchise information on the website. To find out more information, visit A Mr. Payroll franchise would require an initial investment between $60,000 and $151,000. There is also a franchise fee and a specified agreement term of 10 years. The mentioned contacts can also be used to reach customer service. There is always someone available if you have questions or concerns about the service provided by Mr. Payroll.

Mr. Payroll is a successful company and continues to grow in popularity. The service they provide is needed by many individuals. Due to the ease of access and the fast transactions, the rate of customers is growing as well. As Mr. Payroll expands across the country, more people will turn to this company for their check cashing needs. It can be difficult to take care of financial chores when working a full time job. Often time's banks close early and have limited weekend hours, leaving no option for customers who wish to cash their checks. Now, they can put their trust in Mr. Payroll for their needs. Since the company offers other services at the same location, thousands of customers are now avoiding their banks completely.

Check cashing is a service that will always be needed. Mr. Payroll understands and respects the needs of each customer and they strive to provide the best service available. As this company expands and introduces their service to other parts of the country, more customers will come on board and will experience the wonderful service provided by this company. Mr. Payroll is the fastest and easiest way to cash any type of check. Employees make sure that each customer is satisfied with the transaction completed. All customers are treated with courtesy and respect. Mr. Payroll also respects the privacy of all customers and all personal and financial information is kept in the strictest of confidence.

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  • Average 4.6
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  • Cost 5
  • Time 4.5
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Mr.Payroll Reviews

went for a loan, but left Mr. Payroll with a credit card

Couldn't get approved for the loan I needed, but did sign up for a prepaid credit card. I can't go over the balance now, It's a great way to help myself start learning how to manage my money. From: Anonymous Location: CA
  • 5 Average
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Cost
  • 5 Time
  • 5 Use Again

Not just loans with Mr.Payroll

I got my Mastercard with them too. It's a prepaid card, so I can't go over the designated limit, this way there are no fee's that I have to pay. The Loan I got with mr. payroll was great as well. From: Anonymous Location: California
  • 4.25 Average
  • 4 Service
  • 5 Cost
  • 4 Time
  • 4 Use Again