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My Payday Loan supplies all consumers that are eligible for their offers with short-term payday cash advances. Payday cash advances from My Payday Loan are convenient because they are processed as secure transactions via online Internet access. Whenever a sudden need for cash arrives a consumer can turn to My Payday Loan, apply for a payday cash advance, and get access to the amount of cash that he or she may immediately require. All cash advances offered by My Payday Loan have reasonable and applicable cash advance loan fees; the fees applied to a cash advance from My Payday Loan are $25 per every $100 borrowed from the company. Thus if the consumer borrows $200 from My Payday Loan, then he or she would be expected to repay $250 upon the arrival of his or her next payday.

The timeframe of repayment associated with loan offers provided by My Payday Loan is roughly 14 days or two weeks time. In some instances, when it becomes necessary to do so, My Payday Loan supplies consumers with extensions on payday cash advances so that approved consumers can have enough time to repay the borrowed amount. If a consumer should decide they need an extension from My Payday Loan, the consumer will be expected to make a down payment on part of the monies owed before the extension will be granted. In terms of loan amounts, for those consumers who are borrowing money from My Payday Loan for the first time, a limitation is in effect with an equivalent value of up to $400.

My Payday Loan is truly extraordinary in their service offerings because they offer a no fax process for applying for a cash advance. As long as a consumer has a checking account that is a least three months old, has been employed for a period of six months at a current job, and possesses a net income of $1000 per month, the consumer can take advantage of the no fax cash advance offer from My Payday Loan. Once the payday cash advance is approved by My Payday Loan, provided that the approval has been received and processed before 5 p.m. Eastern standard Time, the approved consumer will receive their funds within a 24-hour time frame. Overnight transaction of approved funding is available Monday through Friday each week.

Approved funding offered by My Payday Loan is directly deposited into a consumer's account. Following the deposit of funds a consumer working with My Payday Loan will receive a request to confirm how they want payments to be processed and how much they want to pay on the loan when the due date arrives. Provided the consumer response to the request for payment information, the consumer can define how much he or she wants to pay back, otherwise the full amount of the loan is deducted from one's banking account automatically.

My Payday Loan has grown to be a leader in the payday advance industry and supplies cash advances to people with both good and bad credit. All transactions are carried out online in a secure environment and the My Payday Loan are friendly, amiable, and professional team working for My Payday Loan is ready and waiting to assist all consumers with their cash advance needs. In order to qualify for My Payday Loan there are several requirements that the applicant will need to meet, some of which were mentioned earlier including a checking account which has been in existence for at least 90 days, current employment and a net income of $1000 a month. There are however certain things that may wind up getting a consumer denied for a My Payday Loan cash advance offer which include bankruptcy within the past 365 days or multiple bankruptcies in one's history; a status of being unemployed currently; a status of being employed in one's current job for less than five months time, and the existence of outstanding payday loans or other unpaid checks which have been returned. Additionally, any consumer applying for My Payday Loan offers cannot have non-sufficient funds overdraft fees in his or her current checking account, unverifiable bank account information, and those consumers who receive a monthly income instead of a weekly or biweekly income are excluded from My Payday Loan offers.

Once a consumer has successfully paid off the payday cash advance from My Payday Loan and he or she is eligible for more payday advances with higher values. The values of payday loans supply to returning loyal customers can value as much as $1000; however the increase for loans is done in gradual increments of $100 per loan. For more information about My Payday Loan or to apply for a My Payday Loan offer consumers need to visit The company also accepts mail via the postal service at, Centro Colon, 8 avo piso, oficina 8-4, San Jose, Costa Rica.

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Very big rip off company

This company will not honor ACH Revocations they will debit your account to a negative balance. They will ask fo ra money gram to be sent to Salt Lake City Utah. The name Strategic which is not licensed in Utah. They will not give you an actual address. From: Anonymous Location: Virginia
  • 1 Average
  • 1 Service
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  • 1 Time
  • 1 Use Again

Look at the huge requirements before using MyPaydayLoan

Or they won't even consider you for a loan. You have to meet 100% of their qualifications to get a loan. Bogus if you ask me... From: Anonymous Location: Arizona
  • 0.25 Average
  • 1 Service
  • 0 Cost
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Got a very decent loan with MyPaydayLoan

Granted I met all of their requirements, but they were very nice as well. From: Andrew Location: Colorado
  • 4.25 Average
  • 4 Service
  • 4 Cost
  • 5 Time
  • 4 Use Again