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National Payday offers attractive loans to members of the general public to tide them over until they receive their pay cheques or other revenue streams.

The Process

The loans are free for first time customers, no information has to be faxed and no credit check is necessary. So if a customer has a bad credit rating or no credit rating whatsoever, they can still be eligible. Loans can be applied for online using a simple form available on National Payday's website. The usual arrangement is that the balance of the loan is due when the customer receives their pay, with the term of the loan beginning the moment the funds arrive in the customer's bank account. National Payday permits this time to be up to 16 days away. If a customer gets paid twice a month, they will be obliged to pay back the loan on their very next pay day. When that day arrives, National Payday will withdraw the full balance of the loan unless the customer wishes to arrange a series of partial payments. If the customer is paid once a month, he or she must fully repay the monies owed. If a customer takes out further loans after their free initial one, the fee is 25% of the amount borrowed.

All that is required of a customer to get a loan or advance is that they are in possession of a reputable checking account that has existed for at least one month with no bounced checks related to it. In addition, the applicant requires, a steady job that earns them a minimum of $1,000 a month, and not to have taken out more than one other payday loan or cash advance with another lender. Some basic information must be submitted, including name, email address, name of employer and salary amount. Once an online application has been received, it will be considered at a final review stage. The customer will be contacted via email and/or telephone about the application status, or to ask for additional details if needed. National Payday request that customers do not email them during the application process as this could tie up their resources and delay the approval procedure.

If everything is in place, National Payday can then pre-approve the customer in minutes. Very often the loan can be made within 1 working day, with the cash deposited directly into the customer's account. National Payday will treat your information with utmost confidentiality, never distributing it to third parties.

Privacy Issues

National Payday will never delve into a customer's personal matters and demand to know what the loan is for. Their belief is that the often complicated issue of obtaining an advance should be as safe and convenient for the public as possible.

Rewarding Loyalty

Although a first-time customer can get an advance of up to $400, returning customers earn the right to borrow more than that - up to $1,000 - as National Payday thinks it's only right to reward loyalty.

Ethical Obligations and Fair Practices

National Payday is a company that operates according to strict, ethical principles. It discourages customers from abusing the service and getting into financial trouble. To this end, it insists upon the swift repayment of its payday loans and cash advances so that customers do not go down a slippery slope of debt. National Payday's Privacy Policy means that it must make it clear to the public that its services do not mean a request or solicitation for short-term loans in all of the United States. Its services may not be available in a given state and this is a situation that is constantly open to change. All business conducted through their website is deemed to have taken place in their Costa Rica headquarters, regardless of where geographically a customer may be browsing the website. Borrowers must comply with all statutory obligations that may exist in their state or area with respect to any dealings with National Payday.

National Payday are bound by Truth-in-Lending laws to require financial disclosures to be promulgated as an Annual Percentage Rate (APR), or the cost of the credit offered stated as an annual rate. Such laws guarantee consistency between varying credit sources, so the customer is able to compare rates, weigh up the options, and reach a decision that is best for them according to their individual financial needs.

Competitions and Promoting Corporate Image

Publicity is important for any company, especially one in the finance industry. Contests are run regularly to promote National Payday and to reward the public. Previous competitions have been entitled 'If You Had $300 What Would You Buy For Your Best Friend?' and 'Worst Use For A Cash or Payday Loan'. National Payday likes to ensure that their competitions aren't just random lotteries requiring no skill to win, but rather should include some element of knowledge and creative thought about money.

National Payday also runs an affiliate program which allows webmasters to earn $110 for every approved applicant sent National Payday's way. Applicants that aren't eligible will not be paid for, however. Joining is quick and free and straightforward. Links on the website lets a potential affiliate sign up and select a text link or banner that is appropriate to their site. The ultra-efficient and much-used MyAffiliateProgram is the application used to get this service up and running. It can also be used to design personalized logos. When customers click on the link to National Payday on the affiliate website, they are automatically redirected to the company's website.

Once this system has been set up, there is no limit to the number of applicants that can earn the affiliate money.

All affiliate's results are monitored and the results are accessible and information is accessible throughout the day. When an affiliate joins up, they are given an exclusive user name and password allowing them to view all the activity relevant to their link-up with National Payday.

The fact that National Payday offers free loans with no faxing documents or credit checks means that the incentive for affiliation is stronger than ever - there are more people browsing the web for this service than ever before. National Payday has already become the Best Performing Merchant for a diverse array of websites.

Services on the Website

National Payday's website is well-presented and full of useful features. Arrangements for requesting and repaying loans can be made at the click of a mouse. A helpful table illustrating the changing APRs of various loans is provided in the 'FAQs' section of the site. This also helps the customer to get their individual disclosure about the APR they will be subject to. There is also an article area packed with good financial advice about credit, debt, and interest rates and the National Payday Money Blog which covers such subjects as teaching children about money, the job market and instability in banks and financial institutions.

Contact Details

National Payday can be contacted through their website:, or at their regular mail address: Apartado 10455-1000, San Jose, Costa Rica 1-866-513-0374. They operate from Monday to Friday, 9am EST to 5pm EST. They are closed during federal holidays. However, online applications for payday loans or cash advances can be made at anytime during the day.

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National Payday gives good info

Just reading through National Payday's website is enough to sell me one a loan. I've used this site before so I didn't get the free loan again but still I'm satisfied with the customer service. The cost of loan was alright but I've seen better. From: Sam Location: Maine
  • 4.5 Average
  • 5 Service
  • 4 Cost
  • 4 Time
  • 5 Use Again

My First Loan Was Free

National Payday isn't bluffing. Their first loan really is FREE. I was surprised......but I will definitely use them again...their customer service was great. and I got my funds very fast. From: Anonymous Location: Arizona
  • 4.75 Average
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Cost
  • 4 Time
  • 5 Use Again