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Where can someone turn if they need cash in a real hurry? Sometimes borrowing from friends, family, work colleagues or associates really isn't the greatest idea. You can always apply for a traditional loan if you are prepared for the waiting period that accompanies approval. If the latter options sound rather negative, you may want to consider getting a payday advance from Payday OK.

Payday Loans are available from Payday OK (, and Payday OK's payday loan offerings are now provided to consumers with a low cost guarantee attached to such loans. If a consumer suddenly finds him or her self in need of urgent cash to tend to pending bills and monetary obligations, Payday OK is ready to help! The Payday OK company promises payday cash advance loans with low rates and quality service delivered at all times. In fact, so superlative are the services rendered by Payday OK that the company has a 96 percent customer satisfaction rate!

When a consumer is deemed eligible for the superlative services rendered by Payday OK, they can get as much as $500.00 deposited directly into their active checking account by the very next business day just after approval. The Payday OK company allows for the cash needy consumer to apply online by filling out a brief application. The application will need to have their checking account information, a valid email address and proof of a regular income in order to qualify for Payday OK's superb fast cash options. Consumers also don't have to fret about providing personal information online because all of Payday OK's transactions are completely secure online. Any and all applications submitted to Payday OK before 5 pm Central Mountain Time will be reviewed and either approved or denied. Once approved, the value of the loan is directly deposited within a 24 hour time period into the loan applicant's banking account.

Payday OK allows the applicant to select the loan repayment plan and the company also has a NoFaxSM Option where all forms can be completed via Internet access and without the need to fax documentation to the company. Consumers then get instant approval if and when they qualify for payday advance cash options from Payday OK. There's no need to remain off the phone as you await a call from a Payday OK representative because approval is instantaneous! These instant results are assured no matter what day of the week or what hour of the day!

In certain instances consumers may be required to fax additional documentation to Payday OK for approval. This is certainly not in the majority of cases, but there are special situations where extra documentation is called for. Once the necessary documentation is submitted, if the consumer is eligible, he or she will be approved and have the funds he or she needs in 24 hours or less.

Payday OK insists on supplying consumers with the least expensive online payday loan services available. If the consumer should discover a better payday loan offer, then the loan that the consumer is approved for by Payday OK will be free to the consumer! In order to qualify for the latter offer, the lesser costing payday offer must be verifiable and special promotional offers are excluded from Payday OK's low cost guarantee. All rate comparisons are to be based on a loan value of 500.00 for a 14 day period.

Loyal customers are rewarded by Payday OK and for word of mouth advertising an individual can earn 10 dollars for every referral he or she makes. When a referred person applies for a loan, the consumer that referred that individual gets ten dollars deposited into his or her account!

There are myriad ways to contact Payday OK to get started with the payday loan approval. The most convenient method for contacting Payday OK is to visit the website of the company at You can utilize the site to submit questions, feedback or address concerns by visiting the contact page at:

You can also call the customer support line at 866-612-4506, Monday through Friday from 7 am to 10 pm or on Saturdays from 9 am to 8 pm. All times are according to the Central Time Zone. Payday OK additionally has a convenient fax telephone number at 866-612-4508. If needed, you can use standard postal service mailing communication and send letters to Payday OK, Attention: Customer Support, 2207 Concord Pike #606, Wilmington Delaware, 19803. Consumers with Payday OK Past due accounts are encouraged to call in at 866-612-4507 for customer support and assistance.

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PaydayOK was fast

I got my loan from them the following day after being approved. They were very nice in helping me get this all set up. From: Helen Location: san francisco, ca
  • 4.75 Average
  • 5 Service
  • 4 Cost
  • 5 Time
  • 5 Use Again

payday ok is great...

they have the lowest fees per $100 borrowed in the industry. the only downside is i had to wait two days to get my loan from payday ok. From: Brad Location: Los Angeles, CA
  • 3.75 Average
  • 4 Service
  • 5 Cost
  • 2 Time
  • 4 Use Again