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Sonic Payday is a popular online lender who makes cash advance payday loans to online customers. If you are ever in need of a very fast and easy payday loan, try Sonic Payday. They help hundreds of customers get the quick cash advance that they need. Sonic Payday has a website that is very easy to use. Just go to and login to their secure website using your social security number to begin the payday loan process. Sonic Payday has live online help and is staffed with professional and courteous customer service representatives 24 hours day, 7 days a week.

Sonic Payday loans are all done electronically via the Internet. There is no need to go into a store to get your loan. Once your loan is approved, Sonic Payday will usually have your funds deposited into your bank account the very next day. Sonic Payday does not conduct credit checks. Customers with bad credit are welcome. Sonic Payday will verify the information given on the online application form.

Customers who use Sonic Payday loans to help cover unexpected expenses are all happy with the service they get from Sonic Payday. Sometimes, people have unexpected expenses and need to borrow a short-term payday loan to help them make it until their next check. These payday loans can be used for any reason that the borrower chooses. Most people get payday loans to cover any bounced check fees or overdraft fees from their banks. Another reason people usually get payday loans is to pay a bill and avoid any late fees or other charges. Some customers who only get paid once a month find they need a small loan for any unexpected expense that may come up during the month from time to time. People who get payday cash advance loans should only be getting them for true emergencies or unexpected expenses and should not count on payday loans on a continuous basis to meet their monthly budget.

Sonic Payday is one of the more popular sites that people go to and apply for cash advance loans. They have streamlined the whole process, so it is done with customer convenience in mind. If at any time you have a question or do not understand something on the loan application, you can talk with a live customer service representative through the use of their convenient chat window. They can help you learn how to use their website too.

Sonic Payday does require you to fax certain documentation to back up the information you have entered on your online application. You will also need to fax them a copy of your most recent bank statement, so they can set it up to deposit your loan into your account. Once your loan is approved, you will be notified through email to contact Sonic Payday to finalize the loan. Sonic Payday has increased its loan amounts. They now offer loans up to $1500. Their fax number is 1 866-766-4242, or you can email them using the email address, [email protected]

The amount that you have applied for will be deposited into your bank account and will be due on your next payday. For your loan to be processed, you will be asked to agree to authorize them to both credit the loan amount into your account and then withdraw that amount on the date of your next payday. All fees for your loan will be withdrawn from your account at the same time.

The loan fee that Sonic Payday charges for their loans is $23 per $100 that you borrow. For instance, if you borrow $1000, the amount you will owe them will be $1,230 on your next payday. It is advised that you take into consideration whether or not you will be able to pay back your loan in full by your next payday. Once you have applied for a loan at Sonic Payday, you have the option to cancel the loan without owing any fees if you notify them by the close of the next business day.

For each loan that you apply for, Sonic Payday will give you the chance to go to their Money Mania site to play the online Money Mania game. Every time you play the money game, you will collect a letter. The first person that collects all 5 letters of the word "Money" will win the million dollar prize. Other prizes are being offered too. You can play the game every time you apply for a loan. Each applicant can have one play a day.

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Not happy with Sonic Payday

I didn't like the setup of Sonic Payday's website at all until I spoke with customer service. I'm glad they at least have a phone line to call. From: Anonymous Location: Indiana
  • 3 Average
  • 5 Service
  • 3 Cost
  • 3 Time
  • 1 Use Again

Sonic Payday sucks

Got my money in time...thats about the only good thing about Sonic Payday. Customer Service sucked. they asked for was my social # and I don't know how safe that is....they claim their service reps are available 24/7 but it took so long for me to get a hold of one. From: Anonymous Location: Chicago, IL
  • 3 Average
  • 1 Service
  • 4 Cost
  • 5 Time
  • 2 Use Again