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When you need cash in a hurry to cope with unexpected financial emergencies, you don't have time to go through a lengthy application and approval process. What you want is a quick and easy application procedure and the assurance that once your loan is approved you will have the money within a very short time. Recognizing this, Speedy Cash makes it easy for you to obtain the money you need.

Speedy Cash understands the needs of people who require the short-term financial relief provided by cash advances and payday loans. Knowing that their customers are usually hard-working people who have come up against a sudden cash crisis that could not have been anticipated, Speedy Cash also realizes the need to ensure that the help it provides is as accessible and available as possible. With this in mind, Speedy Cash has established a strong and professional presence in its stores across America and also online, so that it can assist as many people as possible.

The sudden need for immediate cash is not confined to people on low incomes. While high income people may have no trouble qualifying for a secured loan, such a loan takes time, unlike the loans available through Speedy Cash. When sudden financial help is needed, time is often a luxury that the prospective borrower can't afford. A quick, uncomplicated loan from Speedy Cash can make all the difference to someone who needs immediate cash to provide a solution to an unexpected financial emergency. Speedy Cash can ensure that the loan is processed almost immediately and the cash is in your bank account as soon as you need it.

Easy processing and on the spot cash are features of the quick and convenient loans available at the Speedy Cash stores, while online applicants can receive swift approval and cash in their bank accounts the next day. The application process does not require details of your credit history whether it's good or bad and although the amount of the loan is related to income, even an applicant earning only a minimum wage can qualify for a loan from Speedy Cash. There is also no requirement for you to put up assets as collateral against the loan you receive. Therefore, even in the unlikely event that you are unable to make your repayment when it is due, you will not run the risk of losing valuable assets such as your car or house. This is because the safe and secure repayment system that Speedy Cash has in place makes it unnecessary to seek details of your financial history or to ask for collateral. Your only requirements are a bank account and regular income so that Speedy Cash can provide you with the cash you need and arrange for your repayments to be made in the most efficient way possible.

When you obtain a loan through Speedy Cash, the repayment process is also made as easy as possible for you. Contrary to one of the myths about payday loans, a company such as Speedy Cash offers flexibility with its repayment arrangements rather than expecting you to pay the full amount of the loan back on your next payday. With the help of a flexible repayment plan you should be able to have your loan payments taken out of several paychecks rather than one. With this assistance from Speedy Cash you will still have enough money in your paycheck to be able to manage your financial affairs more easily while still making your repayments, instead of having to struggle to make ends meet again. While interest rates of course apply, as they do to most loans of any type, the quality service provided by Speedy Cash and the efficiency with which your loan is processed and made available makes it well worthwhile.

A further advantage of a loan from Speedy Cash is the extent to which your privacy is preserved while you are completing the application process. Speedy Cash understands that many people are embarrassed by being in this type of situation, and has made the process as easy and as comfortable as possible for them. As well as no credit check being necessary, paperwork and faxing are either not required or minimal. This is a great benefit when applying for a loan as a result of a financial emergency.

Speedy Cash loans are fast, easy to organize and can be in your bank account the day after you apply. They are therefore just what you need when you have to have money in a hurry. For more information or to apply online visit the Speedy Cash website at or phone 1-866-91-MONEY (916-6639) to locate your nearest Speedy Cash store.

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I'm pleased with Speedy Cash

Speedy Cash was easy to use and it took no time at all for me to get my loan. It was a phone call away. From the time I called Speedy Cash till the time I got the money was less then an hour and a half. I was very pleased with this site and its performance. From: Anonymous Location: KY
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SpeedyCash took no all

SpeedyCash took me no time at all. I was in a bind for money, and got a good loan very fast. I signed up online.....then called them and it was all done. I would definitely use SpeedyCash again. From: John B Location: New York
  • 4.5 Average
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  • 5 Use Again