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Payday loans are given out for emergency situations from cash advance companies. They are to be used only as a temporary solution to a money problem, and are not intended for use as a long term solution. However, they can work well when you need money fast. A payday lending company will not make a person go through the hassle of having their credit checked, and then denied because of bad or little credit. They simply do not check at all. You may be subject to inquiries about whether you have another payday loan already out with another company, but that is all a lender will look into.

Everybody needs to get their hands on emergency cash at one point or another. Car repairs and doctor's bills come up, or you may need to have some money for gas or groceries. Perhaps you need some extra cash for a vacation coming up. Whatever the reason, We Give Loans will not ask. They understand that there are spots between paydays for many people, and that you may need money now. That's why they strive to approve your application as quickly as possible, so the money you need is in the bank fast.

At We Give loans, your money can be received either that day, or the next business day. We Give Cash uses over 300 different lenders to ensure that their customers get the loan they need. You can be approved for a cash advance between the amounts of $100 to $1500, within minutes of your application process. When you do qualify for a cash advance, the money you are getting will be deposited into your checking account, usually that day. However, it may take until the next business day to get your loan. The payday loan is good for two weeks generally, or until the borrower's next payday. At that time, We Give Loans debits the checking account for the loan amount, adding on the fees associated with it.

Very little information is required when applying for a cash advance loan with We Give Loans. You will need to fill out your personal information, such as name, phone number, social security number, address, and email address. You will need to provide your banking information, so your money can be direct deposited into your account when approved. Be sure to have your account number and routing number on hand when applying for a cash advance loan. Any personal information that you send over the Internet to We Give Loans will be encrypted for your privacy and safety, and will never be sold or given away to other lenders, companies, or competition.

There are other services that We Give Loans offer their customers throughout their company. You can use their website as a starting point to apply for over 400 different credit card offers, and compare their rates and features side by side. After you fill out the easy online form, your credit card will be shipped right away when approved. You can easily pick out a credit card that matches your needs and financial situation, as well as compare their terms, late fees, and other information. You can apply for as many offers as you want, and the service is always free. You can then use this debit card to have your money withdrawn from later when you get a loan through We Give Loans.

You can also use their website at to look for home loan services, available to people who live in both the United States and in Canada. Over 400 lenders are available through We Give loans to compare rates and find the best lending company for your needs. No matter the reason, be it refinancing your home, buying a home, or attempting to get a home equity line of credit, you can find what you are looking for at We Give Loans. You will find that the application process is very easy, and you will get almost instant results, no matter what they are. Use the easy online application to fill out your loan applications at You can choose how much you want to borrow, and best of all, all available services are private and completely confidential.

If you prefer to talk to a customer service representative to fill out an application for a cash advance loan, you can call 24 hours a day at 1-800-985-5110. To send an email, go to, click on the "Contact us" tab, and send one to the company.

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Got my Money Fast with WeGiveLoans

It took them less than a day to get the money from my personal loan that I signed up for. Great service. I'll check back and let you all know about the rates I had to pay From: Anonymous Location: California
  • 4.5 Average
  • 4 Service
  • 4 Cost
  • 5 Time
  • 5 Use Again

WeGiveLoans is great

I got a short term loan with them and they were very flexible on my time frame I had to pay them back. I highly recommend them From: Rick Santori Location: Anaheim, California
  • 5 Average
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Cost
  • 5 Time
  • 5 Use Again

Bad Credit Loans with WeGiveLoans

They offer short term loans where you pay less than $1500 and they allow you up to 10 pay periods to repay your loan. It's a great system From: Anonymous Location: California
  • 4 Average
  • 4 Service
  • 5 Cost
  • 4 Time
  • 3 Use Again