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Kentucky Payday Loans

The state of Kentucky are in a battle, as is the situation with other states, to get rid of their payday loan lenders altogether. However, the business of payday loans is still alive and thriving despite the opposition. If you are in need of money, you have no need to worry, as there is cash available for you with You can fill out an application right now and have the money you need in your bank account, sometimes even under an hour. All you need is a few minutes to fill out an application on our user-friendly website; it is very simple and fast! Take the time and see how fast you can get your money by visiting us today!

Payday loan Laws in Kentucky

Kentucky payday loan companies are legal within the state, but there are laws that govern certain practices they can do. The amount of money you may borrow is a maximum of $500, and the loan term can last from seven to thirty days. Your interest rate may be as high as 15% on the loans you take out. That means that for every $100 dollars you borrow, the maximum amount you will have to pay back in interest is $115. If you take out a $500 loan, you may have to pay up to $75 in interest.

Kentucky has 707 payday loan companies in their state, according to the last survey taken. However, that number has been sure to increase since, because of the rapidly growing popularity of Kentucky payday loan companies.

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Kentucky is one state, however, that has many laws in place to make Kentucky payday loan lending hard. This is done, though, to protect customers when it comes to getting a loan. The laws of Kentucky even make it a bit harder to set up a chain of Kentucky payday loan stores, more so than in other states. For example, each store in another state can operate under the same license that their main branch holds. Within the state of Kentucky, each business location must have their own individual license.

The laws for Kentucky are also strict on the kinds of fees that a Kentucky payday loan lender may charge. Fees that are given to the borrower must be written out in writing prior to the cash transaction taking place. These also must be referred to as "service fees," instead of as interest. There are only certain ways a Kentucky payday loan company can advertise, as well, as controlled by Kentucky law. All Kentucky payday loan companies must advertise the need for identification to receive a Kentucky payday loan.

Limits on the amount of a loan that may be taken out are in place, too. The limit for a Kentucky payday loan is $500. The difference in states, though, is that a borrower can borrow money many times over, even though they may have an existing balance. The loan just cannot go over $500. In addition, the terms to a Kentucky payday loan are 60 days for the loan to be paid back, which is twice as mush as the typical 30 days of many other states.

In Kentucky, it is also a law that a borrower cannot be sued if they default on the loans they have brokered. Each Kentucky payday loan store must display this sign, "No person who enters into a post-dated check or deferred deposit check transaction will be prosecuted or convicted". Kentucky's payday loan laws are definitely much more lenient than other states.

Statistics of Kentucky Unemployment Rates

The unemployment in the last decade for the state of Kentucky stayed between 3.7 and 7.0. For January of 2005, the unemployment rate hovered at 6.3, and then increased to 6.9 just a year later. The number of unemployed persons at that time was 137, 835 in Kentucky.