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Louisiana Payday Loans

If you are a resident of Louisiana who is in need of money quickly, then look to to help you out. We are a Louisiana payday loan company that strives to help you meet your financial obligations. Our services allow you to write a postdated personal check against your future paycheck, and get you the money you need today rather than a week from now. To apply, simply fill out our brief application and wait for it to be approved. When we approve your payday loan, we will deposit the money into your account, and you can start spending it immediately. Let us help you get back on solid ground and make your payments on time.

Louisiana Payday Lending Laws

While payday loans are legal in the state of Louisiana, there are several limitations imposed on companies offering Louisiana payday loans. These limitations are enforced to protect the borrower from using payday loans as a long term solution. Limitations on the payday loan companies in Louisiana are as follows:

  • There are no minimum terms for payday loans granted in Louisiana, though the maximum length of a payday loan is 60 days.
  • A person can borrow up to $350 at any given time and as little as they need, as there are no minimums in place.
  • The maximum interest rate that can be charged in the state of Louisiana is 20%. This means that for every $100 borrowed an additional $20 interest charge applies. In the event that a borrower is loaned $350, they would have to pay back a total of $420.

There are currently over 1,009 payday lenders operating within Louisiana, and several others offering Louisiana payday loans via the Internet.

No matter where you reside, you should be able to get the money you need quickly to help out with your expenses. This is the goal of payday lender We know that falling short on your financial obligations can lead to long term problems, and we offer residents of Louisiana short term loans that can help them pay bills on time and make the purchases they need. We understand that the car usually breaks down, or the kids need to go to the doctor, when you don't have any extra cash to spare. With our services, you can have the money you need the same day you are approved. Use the money however you like. When you get paid, simply pay us back. This quick and easy service is what puts in a class by itself. Stop worrying about how you will survive until your next paycheck arrives and try a Louisiana payday loan today.

The application for a loan can be completed from the privacy of your home or from your desk at work. In just a couple of minutes, you can complete the secure online application and wait for us to approve it. You don't have to worry about waiting in line at the local payday loan company for them to process your application. You can simply go about your day as you normally would. When your loan is approved, we will contact you and route the money to your account.

If a Louisiana payday loan from sounds like something you would be interested in, there are a few things you should know about the payday loan industry and how it operates in Louisiana. The payday loan industry in Louisiana is governed by The Louisiana Deferred Presentment and Small Loan Act. This legislation controls the following aspects of Louisiana payday loans:

  • Fees associated with a Louisiana payday loan cannot total more than sixteen and seventy-five one hundredths percent of the face value of the check issued.
  • In the event that the borrower defaults on their Louisiana payday loan, the lender can charge up to 36% in interest charges.
  • All fees and interest charges must be presented in the contract given to the borrower and be written in a manner that is clearly understandable.
  • Customers who can make a partial payment of $50 or more toward the payoff amount cannot be prosecuted or threatened with prosecution.

Louisiana Unemployment Rates

Over the last ten years, the unemployment rate in Louisiana has fluctuated between 4% and 11.8%. According to information from 2005 and 2006 unemployment records, there were 102,723 or 5.5% unemployed residents in January of 2006. This was a decrease from the 6.4% that was recorded in January 2005.