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Mississippi Payday Loans

If you are a resident of Mississippi, then you will be happy to know that payday loan services are legal in the state of Mississippi. Payday loan services, in fact, are a thriving industry in Mississippi, and because of this, you will be able to find a payday loan provider near you very easily. We all fall into crunch time when it comes to our finances. Sometimes, that stretch in between paychecks just isn't short enough. If you find that you are in a pinch and need some extra cash before your next check, then you are in the right place. Here you will see how you can get a Mississippi payday loan in a few minutes. Simply fill out the loan application, and you could have your Mississippi payday loan deposited directly in your bank account in about an hour. It doesn't get any easier.

Laws In Mississippi Regarding Payday Loan Lending

In Mississippi, payday loan companies can legally conduct business. However, you should be aware that like many other states, Mississippi payday loan legislation is in place in order to protect you as the borrower. The state of Mississippi has capped the interest rate through legislation, so you cannot be charged more than 572% for fourteen days. This rate is higher than most other states where payday loan services are legalized. Mississippi payday loans cannot be offered for higher than 22%. This means that for every $100 borrowed, you will pay $22 in interest. There is no minimum amount required to borrow; you can borrow up to $400 per check. Further, lenders of Mississippi payday loans are able to charge up to 18% interest on payday loans for every check.

The Mississippi payday loan industry is growing steadily. There are over 1,100 payday loan operators in the state. The payday loan industry, in fact, is growing not just in Mississippi, but also throughout the entire nation.

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Legislation does exist for Mississippi payday loan proprietors in an effort to protect the consumers of payday loan stores. The first issue that Mississippi regulates is location of the service provider. No payday loan store is permitted to operate in a location that is near a pawnshop, title pledge office, or small loans company. Further, every payday loan store that operates in the state of Mississippi is required to have a definitive United States Postal address that complies with zoning laws and contains a minimum of 100 square feet of space.

Agreement forms for payday loan operators are also under regulation in Mississippi. The term "interest" on an agreement form must be expressed as a service fee. Also, the state of Mississippi requires that the date listed on the agreement is the same date of the actual transaction.

Mississippi also regulates the use of identification for a Mississippi payday loan. Payday loan stores in Mississippi are prohibited from advertising payday loans without requiring identification. Further, Mississippi legislation indicates that lenders are not able to cash a check payable to a borrower, unless the borrower has provided appropriate identification.

The borrower of payday loans in Mississippi is subject to regulation, as well. In Mississippi, if the borrower commits fraud or a criminal act against the payday loan lender, the payday loan store is required to report these activities to the Department and the District Attorney for the Judicial District in which the check was issued. Late payments or insufficient funds are not subject to criminal prosecution in the state of Mississippi.

Terms on a Mississippi payday loan are regulated, as well. Borrowers have the option of deferring their loan for up to 30 days without additional costs. On the 31st day, the borrower may have a fee applied to the total of the loan, but this must be decided through a court ruling. Payday loan providers are also permitted to provide coupons to their customers to use in a later transactions, but only if the borrower is going to benefit financially from these coupons. The limit set on Mississippi payday loans is $400, which is lower than national comparisons. The most that a lender can charge on the face value of the check is 18%. This may seem high, but payday loan providers are not permitted to charge any fees over and above the 18% costs.

Mississippi Unemployment Statistics

In the past ten years, Mississippi has been operating with unemployment rates between 4.4 and 9.4%. Between 2005 and 2006, the rate went from 7.8 to 9.1. In numbers, that means that 120, 051 Mississippi residents were not working in 2006.