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Montana Payday Loans

If you are a resident of the state of Montana, you will easily find a Montana payday loan service, as the business is booming in that state. Everywhere you look, you will be sure to find a payday loan lender to suit your needs. But it's much easier to look online for a payday loan lender, and fill out one of our applications right now! Just look over our payday loan products today and find one that suits what you need. Filling out your application online today could mean money in the bank for you tomorrow, so why don't you take the time to take a loan out with!

Lending Laws For Montana Payday Loan Lenders

The laws are typical of other states regarding payday loan companies in the state of Montana. They are legal in Montana, as well as in many other states. The company that lends the money can loan between $50 and $300, and can do so on a term of up to thirty days. The annual percentage rate is 650% in the state of Montana. What this means is that those who borrow money may pay anywhere up to 25% interest rates on the money they take out. For every $100 that is received, $25 must be paid back. These rates are bit higher than other states with the same laws. Those who lend the money can't offer those who receive it more than 25% of their total net income. The lender also has the right to pursue any and all legal action necessary if the borrower defaults on the loan.

There are now over 104 payday loan companies in the state of Montana.

There are many reasons you may need a Montana payday loan. You may be moving there and need some extra money. Or, you may already be a resident and need more money. We do not need to know the reasons you need cash; we are here just to get that money into your hands as quickly as possible! At, you can get what you need fast and easy. No matter if you are a resident of Montana, or a citizen of any other state, you can apply for a payday loan through our company.

Money troubles happen to everyone. Emergencies arise; a bill needs to be paid, or a special event pops up. Now, you can find the best way to shoulder those financial burdens by using a Montana payday loan service to take out a loan against your upcoming paycheck.

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For every payday loan lender for the state of Montana, there are requirements to be one. There are qualifications, and they are as follows: Any applicant needs to have at least $25,000 in assets for the location where they plan to set up business; they must produce a list of income and resources, and provide a list of assets and liabilities of the company they are planning to run.

In a Montana payday loan, the lender cannot allow the loan to last longer than a period of 31 days.

In Montana, a loan cannot be over the amount of $300, although this does exclude the fees that are applied to it. The minimum amount allowed to be borrowed in Montana is $50.

A payday loan company in Montana has a limit to what they can charge in fees, which is 25% of the principal amount of the loan. A borrower who pays on their loan late, or who has insufficient funds, can only be charged a maximum fee of $15. This can also only be added one at a time. Additionally, a lender in Montana cannot split a loan into two, which some places have done, so they can collect two separate fees.

Most states require that a schedule of fees be placed in clear view for every customer to see in their establishment; yet in Montana this law does not apply.

Statistics For Montana Unemployment

The unemployment rate for the state of Montana has been between 3.1 and 6.8 within the past decade or so. In the month of January 2005, the rate was 5.2, and then fell to 4.9 in January of 2006. The total amount of people unemployed in that timeframe was 23,816.