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Nebraska Payday Loans

Residents in Nebraska have many payday lending choices. There are currently more than 57 payday lenders operating in the state. This averages 3.3 lending locations every 100,000 miles. However, there's no need to waste your resources by driving around trying to compare rates and services. At, we offer the best rates and services. You can expect fast and quality service when you apply for a payday loan through our company. Simply fill out our short application, and the cash will be in your bank account the next morning. Getting a Nebraska payday loan has never been faster or easier.

Nebraska Payday Loan Lending Laws

State laws in the state of Nebraska regulate the payday lending industry. The maximum payday loan amount is $500, and there are no laws regarding the minimum amount. The law also states that payday loans must be repaid within a 32-day period, which is the maximum term allowed. According to state law, the interest rate on a payday loan can be as much as 25% of the loan amount. This means that the annual percentage rate (APR) can be as high as 650%.

Most people have experienced the helpless feeling of needing cash quickly and feeling that there's nowhere to turn for help. We are happy and proud to provide a solution for you during these difficult times. As a payday lending company, we can provide anyone who qualifies the cash they need against their next paycheck. This way you can have the cash you need when you need it. You can pay your utility bills without having to incur disconnection fees or late charges. You can pay bills with checks without worrying about them bouncing and incurring additional fees. Visit for the fastest and most convenient way to obtain a payday loan.

There is no need to feel anxious and make yourself sick worrying about your unpaid bills or your next month's rent. Some rental companies start the eviction process on the first day after rent is due. You can avoid eviction by applying for a quick payday loan. A Nebraska payday loan is easy and fast to obtain. In addition, you may be able to keep your good credit score by applying for a loan to pay your bills on time. Nowadays, credit is everything. You cannot afford to have negative information on your credit report. A payday loan through can help you keep your high credit score.

A payday loan is a short-term loan that gives you the opportunity to take care of financial obligations in a timely manner. You pay back the loan with your next week's paycheck. Our payday lending company offers fast, convenient, efficient, and professional service. We have simplified the applying process for your convenience. Our website is secure and hacker free. Your information is safe with us. Apply for a loan with us, and give us the opportunity to exceed your expectations. There may be many lending services out there, but only our company offers the professionalism and efficiency that our customers deserve.

The revised State Statute Law, 45-901, regulates Nebraska's payday lending services. Anyone wishing to operate a payday lending facility needs to obtain a license from the Nebraska Department of Banking. The lender is required to disclose any previous misdemeanors or felonies at the time of applying for a license. The applicant pays a fee of $300 for the license and must show a surety bond of $50,000. He also needs to show proof of at least $25,000 in assets. Each applicant is subject to a public hearing.

Nebraska's state law specifies that a lender may charge a fee of up to $15 for every $100 borrowed. A cap of $500 is in place as the maximum amount that a consumer can borrow at one time. State law allows a lender to defer a check for a maximum of 31 days. A lender cannot issue two checks to the same customer at the same time. If two checks are issued, the combined total cannot exceed $500. Finally, the lender can charge a fee of $15 if the payment is late.

According to state law, the lending facility must display the license in an area visible to all potential clients. A schedule containing all fees, charges, and penalties should be placed in a high traffic area. All loan agreements should be written in clear and understandable language. Any applicable fees must be included in the agreement, and the date that the check may be deposited should appear on the agreement.

As you can see, the state of Nebraska has taken measures to protect you as the consumer. When you apply for a payday loan at, you can apply with confidence. We follow all state regulations and procedures. We also make serving you our top priority.

Nebraska Unemployment Statistics

Approximately 39,429 residents were unemployed in Nebraska in January 2006. This is equivalent to 4.1%. This is a decrease of 0.5% from January 2005.