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Nevada Payday Loans

Nevada is completely unique in terms of payday loans and lending because they do allow two loans at the same time, and the state doesn't try to regulate the industry in terms of rates and fees. Since the state of Nevada doesn't place a limit on loan amounts, a resident can get a loan of any amount, or borrow money from several lenders at the same time. offers loans for anyone that needs to borrow money in Nevada, especially those who want the money as fast as possible with only minimal hassle. At, you only need to fill out an application, and then the money is deposited in your bank account in only a few hours, usually less than an hour. There aren't any confusing or complicated questions; we just want you to get access to the money you need now.

Nevada Payday Loan Lending Laws

Nevada does allow payday loans as a legally binding issue, though they do regulate the loan amount in that the loan must be one-third or less of the monthly paycheck the borrower receives. There are no maximum or minimum terms on the loan, or any laws regulating the charges and fees the lender can charge. There are currently 128 companies offering Nevada payday loans in the state, and borrowers can take loans from a couple of different lenders at the same time. The state doesn't have any way of regulating this, so no one knows where a borrower has loans. Unlike other states that require a borrower to take time between loans, in Nevada a person can pay off one loan and immediately take out a second. Nevada currently ranks 25th on the list of states that have the largest number of payday lenders in the country.

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Nevada is one of only two states in the country that does not impose regulations and restrictions on the payday loan industry. Utah is the only other state to do this. Payday lenders operating in Nevada have no restrictions placed on the fees or interest rates they use. The fee for getting a Nevada payday loan is between 100% and 300% in terms of an annual percentage rate.

To compensate for the risks involved with lending money in the state, there are high rates on the loans. The Nevada Independent Cash Checking Association stands behind this concept.

There is no limit or maximum amount set on the amount of fees that a lender can charge on a Nevada payday loan; however, there is a limit on how much a person can borrow, and a limit on how often the loan can be turned over. The net monthly income of the borrower must be more than one-third of the total amount of the loan taken out. The loan itself can only be rolled over or refinanced a total of four times by the borrower under the Nevada state law.

Defaulting on a loan in Nevada is a bad thing. When this happens, the interest rate on the loan is increased to the national prime interest rate plus another ten percent. Borrowers who can't repay the loan from the Nevada payday loan lender will receive some protection under the law in the form of anti-harassment legislation meaning the company can't threaten the borrower to repay the money. While companies once posted the bounced check in their building, this is now illegal.

Nevada Unemployment Statistics

In January 2005, the unemployment rate in Nevada was 4.7 percent. This number decreased the following year when the state unemployment rate dropped to 4.1 percent. However, this still represented 50,711 people in the state without a job. In the last decade, the state has seen a high unemployment rate of 6.1 percent and a low of 3.6 percent.