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New Hampshire Payday Loans

The state of New Hampshire once had strict laws regarding payday loans, but when these loans were repealed in 1999, a number of companies began offering their services and there are now 77 companies operating in the state. Loans Payday wants to help you get the money you need quickly so you don't have to compare other lenders to find the best rates. We have more than enough products to meet the needs of all New Hampshire residents. We offer New Hampshire payday loan applications that you can complete quickly and easily over the Internet without needing to fax us anything. The next morning when you wake up, the money is waiting for you in your bank account. We give you the chance to get you the money that you need when you need; no waiting necessary.

New Hampshire Payday Loan Lending Laws

Starting in 1999, payday loans have been legal in the state of New Hampshire and the state has only minor restrictions imposed on the practice. A borrower has no minimum limit on what they can borrow, but they can only borrow a maximum of $500. The term length varies depending on the company, though it is generally a length of seven days to thirty days, similar to what you would find in other states. Lenders can charge any fees or interest rate that they want, which can be dangerous for borrowers.

New Hampshire ranks 32nd in the country in terms of the number of payday loan lenders.

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When you get into a deep financial problem and need immediate help, we can help you get the payday loan that you need. We all know that an emergency can turn up at any time and when you have one of those emergency situations and need money at the last minute, we can help. A payday loan is actually an advance on your next paycheck, meaning that you can borrow money against a future paycheck. When you get your check, you pay us back; it doesn't get any easier than that.

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A New Hampshire payday loan is easy and trouble free when you use our services for the loan. Our services are unparalleled in the world of payday loan companies and we believe in treating everyone to the confidentiality that they deserve. When you use our website you'll be delighted to know that your information will remain protected and secure. Our process is easy to finish and the services are unmatched.

When operating a payday loan company in the state, the company must adhere to the rules and regulations listed under the New Hampshire Small Loan Act. This states that the company must have a license to operate in the state and they must first apply for the license. The application will include a number of different pieces of information relating to the company. The exact address of the business and any address of a partner in the business must be listed on the application. The applicant must pay an application fee and pay an additional fee of $450 every year to renew the license.

To pay off an existing loan, the state does make it legal to take out a second payday loan. When this happens the lender must create a new agreement and list it as a new loan. This loan cannot be refinanced or extended in any way unless that, too is created in a new document. There is a limit on the maximum amount of fees a lender can charge on their products according to the New Hampshire Small Loan Act.

No lender can advertise any promotion regarding their rates, fees, or the loan terms in an effort to misrepresent themselves to customers under the laws of New Hampshire. The license of the business will be cut off and the lender will be fined for any violations of this law. Any complaints filed by a customer about a lender or the way they do business are handled by the Bank Commissioner once a formal charge is brought forth. A copy of the complaint is sent to the lender or the business via certified mail by the commissioner. The lender then has 30 days to respond to the complaint, and the borrower must also respond within 30 days.

New Hampshire Unemployment Statistics

In January of 2005 the state unemployment rate in New Hampshire was 4.1 percent. The following year, at the same time, the unemployment rate dropped to 3.8 percent. Over the last decade, the unemployment rate in New Hampshire has varied between 2.2 and 4.7 percent. This shows a total of 27,903 people in the state who did not have a job.