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New Jersey Payday Loans

New Jersey is currently fighting a strange and usual battle with payday loan lenders. A battle is spreading across the US with people wondering whether payday loans should be banned as an illegal activity, and New Jersey is directly in the middle of this battle. In other words, payday loans are not allowed in the state, yet these laws are not specific enough to stop the practice altogether. There are many holes in the laws that companies are using to keep their businesses operating. We use a large system of payday lenders in the state of New Jersey, which means that we can help you find the money you need to survive until your next paycheck.

Payday Lending Laws In New Jersey

New Jersey is one of the only states in the US that does not let payday lenders operate under the laws of the state. The laws can prevent payday lending in a few different ways. This includes usury laws, which prohibit cash checking, and places limits on the interest rates allowed on small loans. Payday lending is considered illegal in the state of New Jersey according to the laws prohibiting cash checking.

Businesses in New Jersey continue to offer payday loans to consumers because their interest rates are considered fees, which make the loans legal. However, if those rates were actually called interest rates, it would be illegal. This allows the company to avoid paying usury charges. Offering loans online is another way to escape the laws in the state. Online payday loans are only outlawed in the following states: Georgia, Maryland, and Massachusetts.

There are no payday loan centers in New Jersey because it is illegal to offer payday loans in the state.

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In the state of New Jersey, payday loan companies are allowed to set their own interest rates and fees since the state doesn't have any laws to set such things. The state doesn't offer limits on the number of times a customer refinances their payday loan. There is, however, a law in place to limit how much a customer can borrow at any one time. In New Jersey, lenders have a maximum of $2,500 they can loan at one time. The law also requires that the lender deny customers who default three times on a loan in a 12-month period. The customer can try again for a loan after six months.

New Jersey does set up some requirements for getting licensing which is strange considering their stance on the companies at large. Prior to setting up their business, they must meet specific guidelines and apply for the license. The owner of the business is required to have a net worth of $50,000 and pay a licensing fee every two years of $2,000. The company must keep a photograph of each check it gives out, and keep proper records of all loans for at least five years. The checks they give customers must have the name of the company clearly printed on the front.

Lenders are also required to keep proper records of every transaction. These records must include the borrower's name and social security number, date and time of loan, date and amount of the check, and the fees charged. In addition, it must include the lender's name and the names of anyone who witnesses at the time. The customer is required to sign a copy of the check, and this image must be added to the record.

Unemployment Statistics For New Jersey

The unemployment rate in the state has fluctuated between 3.3% and 7.2% for the last ten years. New Jersey's state unemployment rate was 5% in January of 2006. This shows that 224,429 citizens of the state did not have jobs at that time. The previous year's unemployment rates were slightly lower at 4.8%.