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New York Payday Loans

The state of New York has to deal with what many other states do, the practice of outlawing payday loan lenders. They are always trying to enforce this law and keep payday loan lenders from finding loopholes in the law to do their business through. However, if you live in New York and need to get a loan, you can still contact us to get the money you need. If you cannot get the loan that you need in the state of New York, then please get in contact with us.

Laws in the State of New York concerning Payday Loans

It is not legal in the state of New York to offer payday loans. In the year 2003 New York had to take care of the same issue that different states had to regarding the refusal of payday loan companies within the state. A bank that is based in the state of Delaware had a lender that offered residents of the state of New York payday loans. There are many loopholes that allow lenders to give customers loans outside of the state of New York. Many laws that are put into place regarding payday loan companies are not solid enough to prevent these loopholes. There is another loophole that allows lenders to get around the law, and this is by using different terms. If a lender calls their interest rates "fees," they can get around the laws.

Because of the law regarding payday loans and their legality, there are no lenders in the state of New York.

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There are no New York payday loan companies within the state, but there are out of state places that do provide assistance to customers from the state. The law of New York states that a lender must be a company registered as a bank or even a small loan company in order to do business with its residents.

The New York Banking Law does not allow non-bank companies to charge people more than the APR, or annual percentage rate, of 25%, according to Article 9. Any payday loan lender found to be in violation of this law can receive a fine of $190.40. A payday loan lender that is operating within the state can do this because they have become partners with other banks that keep headquarters in other states. This way, it is legally permissible to charge rates that are in accordance with the laws of those states. This means that the company can actually charge a higher interest rate to their customers, yet still be within their legal rights.

The payday loan companies that are not operating in this state are on their way to not being allowed to sell their customers information to third-parties. These changes are being brought about as of October of 2002. In this month, a major payday loan company was fined $250,000 because they compromised the privacy of their customers.

New York Unemployment Statistics

For the year 2006, for the month of January, New York had an unemployment rate of about 5.2%. There were 489,961 residents of the state of New York who did not have jobs at the time. The unemployment rate in the month of January 2005 was 5.7%. The highest rate for unemployment in the state of New York was 7.2%.