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North Carolina Payday Loans

Just a few years after approving legislation allowing payday loans in North Carolina, the state outlawed them. It hasn't been easy for the citizens of North Carolina to be engaged in this tug of war between the state and the payday loan companies. The state of North Carolina is working to clarify payday lending laws in the state. However, whether you live in North Carolina or in another state, we can still process a North Carolina payday loan for you.

Laws in North Carolina regarding Payday Loan Lending

In 1997, legislation was passed that allowed payday loans in the state of North Carolina. The laws allowing payday loans in North Carolina lasted until the year 2001 when they expired, effectively making North Carolina payday loans illegal. The state continues its battle to keep payday lending illegal; however, North Carolina residents get offers for payday loans from payday lenders who are out of state. So against the industry of payday loans is the state of North Carolina that one of the payday lending companies, Advance America, was forced to stop doing business as a North Carolina payday loan company. Commissioner Joseph A Smith Jr. was responsible for the immediate cease and desist order regarding this company.

While there are no legal brick and mortar North Carolina payday loan companies open for business in the state, our payday loans are offered to residents of all 50 states so even if you reside in North Carolina, we can still help you.

Perhaps you'd like to move to North Carolina but don't have all the funds you need to finance such a move. Maybe unexpected bills have crept up on you or you have suffered an unanticipated setback. A North Carolina payday loan is just what you need to quickly get caught up and we can provide a fast solution. Whether you live in North Carolina or any of the 50 United States, we can provide quick and efficient service so that you can take care of your obligations without having to endure the stress that comes with worrying about how you are going to make ends meet. Get started now by visiting and you will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly the whole process can be taken care of.

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There is staunch legislation in the state of North Carolina that regulates payday loan providers. North Carolina's Attorney General brought a motion in 2002 that bans payday lenders from charging high interest rates. In fact, the legality of payday loans was in question due to the high interest rates.

Attorney General Cooper along with the North Carolina Commissioner of Banks, Hal Lingerfelt exposed some payday loan companies that were thought to be doing their customers a disservice. One company, Ace Cash Express, Inc, whose headquarters were in Texas, and who also did business in North Carolina, was found to be in violation of the North Carolina Consumer Finance Act. This payday loan company made loans of up to $500 and charged $17 in interest for every $100 it loaned.

The last day that payday lenders could legally operate in the state of North Carolina was August 31, 2001. What actually happened, however, is that many of the state's payday loan companies partnered with national banks in order to remain open. The above referenced company, Ace Cash Express was one of the companies that chose to do business this way. The company maintained that its affiliation with Goleta National Bank of California provided a charter operation so that it could continue to provide North Carolina payday loans. The Office of the Comptroller of Currency responded with accusations of the company avoiding laws the state of North Carolina had put into place. This office further referred to this practice as "rent-a-charter" and frowned upon the practice altogether.

North Carolina Unemployment Statistics

North Carolina's unemployment rate has fluctuated over the years. For the past ten years, it has been between 2.9 percent and 7.5 percent. The rate of unemployment in North Carolina in January 2005 was 5.7. Things improved somewhat the following year, as only 206,446 people in the entire state of North Carolina were unemployed, which translates into an overall unemployment rate of 4.8 percent for 2006.