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Pennsylvania Payday Loans

Though there are many opponents to the practice, Pennsylvania payday loans are popular. Companies like offer a valuable service to residents of Pennsylvania who are short on cash and days away from their next payday. In just a couple of minutes you can complete our secure online application and have your money that same day. Use the money to get you through until you get paid. You don't have to tell us what you will be using the money for; that's entirely up to you. If you need to buy groceries, pay your electric bill, or get your car fixed you can with the help of a Pennsylvania payday loan from

Pennsylvania Payday Loan Laws

There are approximately 400 payday lenders operating within the state of Pennsylvania. These lenders must follow guidelines determined by the state regulatory agency in charge of Pennsylvania payday loans. According to these regulations, no payday loan given to a resident of Pennsylvania can have an interest rate higher than 26%. This is equated to an annual interest rate that is nearly 400%! Compared to other states the Pennsylvania interest rates are high but this doesn't stop those in need of money quickly from taking out short term payday loans. Additionally, Pennsylvania based companies cannot provide payday loans to those living in the state; however, those that partner with banks outside the state are able to take advantage of a loophole in the laws.

It doesn't matter if you call Pennsylvania, or one of the other 49 states home, chances are at some point you are going to need some extra money to pay your bills. Since most live paycheck to paycheck, an unexpected expense such as a medical bill can turn your financial situation from stable to just barely scraping by. In this case you need someone to lend you a small amount of money to get you back on your feet. A Pennsylvania payday loan is the best way to get the cash you need fast. At we work with you to get you the best product to fit your needs and have your cash to you the same day. There is no need to wait in line to get your application approved. You can complete the whole process from the privacy of your home. When you get approved, we will deposit the Pennsylvania payday loan into your account. All we ask is that you pay us back in the allotted time.

Pennsylvania is one of several states that do not allow payday lenders to be based in their state; however, there are loopholes that allow out of state lenders to provide payday loans to those living in Pennsylvania. is one such company. Since we provide cash advances via the Internet, we are able to use the loopholes in the system to provide you with a fast payday loan. We believe that everyone should be able to procure a payday loan to get out of financial trouble in the short term and with that in mind, we offer great interest rates and generous repayment terms on our payday loans.

Due to the fact that Pennsylvania does not allow in state payday lenders to operate there are very few laws governing payday loans. Some states, however, set limits for the amounts that can be borrowed and what information must be included in the contract. In Pennsylvania the only requirement is that a lender cannot charge the borrower an interest rate in excess of 26% (or 400% annually). This means that for every $100 dollars borrowed you must repay the original $100 plus an additional $26 in interest.

Unemployment Statistics for Pennsylvania

At no time in the past decade has the unemployment rate in Pennsylvania been below 3.6% or above 6.7%. In January 2005 the rate of unemployment was 5.7%; however, just a year later the rate had decreased to 5.3%. This 5.3% translates to 332,947 who were unemployed in Pennsylvania as of January 2006.