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South Dakota Payday Loans

There are many lenders willing to do a short-term loan in South Dakota due to its relaxed regulations on these types of services. While a South Dakota payday loan cannot exceed $500, there are few restrictions on the other terms for the loan. There are no laws governing the minimum or maximum term on the loan, so just about any loan length is possible as long as it's offered by the lender. The lack of restrictions is one reason why it is so easy to get a South Dakota payday loan.

Another reason that payday loans are prevalent in South Dakota is that the state has experienced long-term low levels of unemployment for a long time. Over the last decade, unemployment hasn't climbed higher than 4.4% and has even been as low as 2.1%. It's very easy to qualify and obtain a loan with a good employment history. This also contributes to the rise in the number of businesses offering payday loans in the state. At last count, there were over 300 South Dakota payday loan providers in operation.

While the proliferation of short-term lenders makes it very easy to find a loan, the lack of regulation also makes it easy for the consumer to be taken advantage of. Since there is no cap in place on either lenders' fees or interest rates, unscrupulous companies can easily charge outrageous amounts to desperate people. Luckily, is here to help you with our fair rates and impeccable customer service.

South Dakota Payday Loan

Payday loans in South Dakota are covered by Senate Bill SB151. This legislation mandates that payday lending companies must be licensed through the Division of Banking in order to offer a South Dakota payday loan. To get the license approved, the lender must provide a business name, the address of the business, and proof of surety bond. This bond is supposed to offer a modicum of protection to the consumers in that it ensures they are dealing with a reputable company.

The maximum amount of a South Dakota payday loan is $500, and that loan can be renewed if all fees are paid prior to renewing the agreement. State law mandates a written notice be given to the consumer, either separately or included in the contract, which must be written in understandable terms with certain information required. This includes a list of fees with an example, as well as any extra fees that will be charged if a loan is renewed instead of paid when initially due. It also needs to state that a payday loan is not a long-term solution and should be used for emergency cash needs only.

A South Dakota payday loan provider is required to defer the check for a specified amount of time as outlined in the terms of the agreement. Borrowers have the right to cancel or void a loan transaction within the first day of the loan term. South Dakota has imposed no limits on fees or interest rates that can be charged. Surety bond notwithstanding, this lack of limitation is very attractive to less ethical lenders, as it enables them to charge unfair rates to the people who come to them for help.

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