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Vermont Payday Loans

The state of Vermont has clear laws that prohibit the use of payday lenders from operating in the state limits, to show their lack of support in this area. There are cases and lawsuits currently filed to keep these regulations in place. There are also actions taking place to strengthen the holds in the state that prevent companies from setting up shop in the state. Though we offer a number of products that are similar to the payday loans outlawed in the state, we can still help you find solutions to your financial problems, even if you live in Vermont.

Vermont Laws Relating to Payday Loan Lending

To protect their citizens from illegal payday lending, the states in New England are taking preventive and protective measures. There are a number of weaknesses in the current Vermont law system that set up loopholes for companies to operate. The state of Vermont is also taking steps to stop Internet sales from taking place that offer payday loans to residents of the state. There are a number of banks located in other states that offer payday loans to residents in the state by Internet means, which the state is trying to stop with new laws and legislation.

Vermont citizens will find it very difficult to obtain a payday loan in the state due to these rules and regulations. There are no payday lending offices or centers located in the state because it is illegal to operate one of these companies under the state law.

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A payday loan is available for anyone in Vermont who needs a little extra money to pay bills, avoid late fees, or handle an emergency situation such as a doctor's visit or a sudden car repair. When a sudden and unexpected situation arises that needs immediate attention, it can be stressful to worry about where the money will come from. You don't need to worry though, not when you use Loans Payday. You also don't need to ask friends or loved ones for help because you can get a Vermont payday loan from us. We want to give you the help you need now instead of waiting and worrying about the problem.

We give our customers the cash they need now to pay with those unexpected bills or unforeseen emergency situations that may arise. Our company uses an easy application process with immediate approval guaranteed and expert services that are completely secure. We know that you want to keep your information private and secure and we go to great lengths to keep that information private.

The Vermont payday loan services we provide are easy and hassle-free. We want to help you get your hands on the money you need now as soon as possible and to make the process as easy and simple as possible. We not only offer guaranteed security and privacy, but ease of use as well. Get started by visiting today to fill out an application online and get instant approval for the money you need.

The state of Vermont does not legally allow payday loan lenders to operate in the state. There are usury laws in place that prevent companies from using interest rates in the three digit range. The state caps the interest rate on small loans at 24%.

Vermont passed the Small Loan Act after loan sharking became quite popular in the state. This was a new and unique idea at the time and other states quickly followed suit. New Hampshire is one such state that passed their own similar laws. In Vermont, residents can receive a small loan from their local bank, which allowed for loopholes to appear. The loan sharks quickly left once residents realized they could get loans from their local banks with smaller interest rates attached.

There are ways to get around the prohibitive laws in the state that prevent payday loan lenders from operating, which the companies have found. The lender can buy a charter from a bank and have the chance to use the loan terms and interest rates found in other states. There are several Vermont banks that provide charters for such companies.

The headquarters of the bank are located in a different state, though they continue to operate in Vermont. The payday loan lender sets up shop in the state by partnering with a bank and buying a charter. They take special pains to use a bank in a state with higher interest rates than those found in Vermont. Under the law in Vermont, this is a completely legal practice, as the law allows charters between out of state banks and payday loan lenders. The Vermont Small Loan Act allows for a loophole that permits payday loan lenders to operate in the state.

Vermont Unemployment Statistics

In January of 2005 the unemployment rate in the state of Vermont was 4.4%. However, this number dropped to 4.1 percent the following year in January of 2006. This still showed that nearly 15,000 people in the state were unemployed. Vermont has consistently had a small unemployment rate over the last decade, with 2.2% representing their smallest number during that time.

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