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Washington Payday Loans

Sometimes the unexpected happens and life throws you a curveball; we know it happens and that's why we're here to help. Maybe your car needs a sudden repair or a bill turned up that needs paid before your next paycheck. In some cases you may have spent a little too much money and just don't have the funds available to pay for something you need before that next paycheck. Now you can avoid stressing out over trying to find a solution because Loans Payday is here to help. We offer a number of Washington payday loans and other services to help you with life's little curveballs. The same day you fill out an application online, the money will arrive in your bank account, ready for use.

Washington Payday Loan Lending Laws

The state of Washington allows for payday loan companies to operate, with laws and regulations in place that closely mimic those found in other states. Washington places a maximum amount on all loans, with $700 being allowed from any one lender, which is slightly higher than you'll find in other states. There is also a maximum time limit of forty-five days placed on the length of time the loan can be held without payment. The state allows a maximum APR or annual percentage rate of 390%, which is right in line with other states. A loan of $500 or less will come with a maximum interest rate of 15%, while loans that are in the $500 to $700 range have a 10% maximum interest rate charged.

If you live in Washington and need a Washington payday loan, you'll find it quite easy to find a lender. Currently there are over 700 centers offering these loans in the state of Washington.

If you live in Washington, you may discover that you need money quickly to pay an unexpected bill, or just to get through until your next payday. You may live in another state in the US and still have problems making it to your next paycheck and wondering what you'll do. We are here to help you find a solution to that problem. Our company can offer you a temporary solution in the form of a Washington payday loan. You get the money that you need now so you don't have to worry about those bills and problems. When you get your next paycheck, you pay us back. Pretty easy, huh? Our company offers payday loans not only for people in Washington, but for any resident of the United States that meets our eligibility requirements. We give our customers easy access to the money they need to make it through to that next paycheck, without any of the hassles or problems they might face elsewhere.

Emergency situations happen to the best of us and those unforeseen bills sometimes turn up at the last second. When one of those bills or problems appears, you can worry yourself to death about it, or look for an easy solution. One of those easy solutions is a payday loan; you get the money you need now by taking out an advance on your next paycheck and when you get that next paycheck, you pay us back. The money can be used for anything you need or desire from paying a bill to funding a vacation. You can even use the money to pay for a birthday gift or buy a new television. All you need to do is visit to apply for a Washington payday loan today.

We can help anyone in the state of Washington pay their bills by using one of the Washington payday loans we offer. There are situations that need to be taken care of now and not put off several weeks until that next paycheck arrives.

We are committed to excellence and giving the best of our work to our clients. We make sure that the application is as easy as possible and that it takes only a few minutes to finish. We want our clients to realize our dedication to professionalism. Once you visit you'll see just how carefully we protect the privacy, security, and information of our customers.

Code 31.45.010 of the Washington state law requires all businesses who allow short-term loans of $500 or less for 31 days or less for personal reasons must follow some specific regulations and guidelines. Prior to opening one of these businesses, the person in charge must post a bond to Washington State and pay an additional fee. After gaining approval from the Washington Department of Financial Institutions, the business is required to pay an additional fee each year they continue to operate. Washington carefully monitors their payday loan laws in terms of fees, time, amounts, and the actions that can be taken again specific businesses.

The fee limit in Washington is set at a maximum of 15% of the total amount of the payday loan. Washington also caps the APR or annual percentage rate at 390%.

Each Washington payday loan in the state must adhere to the terms of 31 days or less.

The amount of the loan is capped at $500, which means that an individual can only borrow that amount from one lender at any one time.

Prior to opening a payday loan business in Washington, the company is required to apply for a license. This license must be posted in a visible location where all customers can see it. In addition, the company must also post a copy of their fees schedule where customers can see it.

Legal actions can be taken against companies offering Washington payday loans that violate the laws of the state. In some cases, a civil action suit may be filed against the company. Misdemeanor charges are also filed against the company for violations. A law regarding Unfair Deceptive Acts and Practices clearly defines the actions that are illegal under law.

Washington Unemployment Statistics

Washington had a record high level of unemployment over the last ten years when the rate reached 8.3%. The state of Washington had an unemployment rate of 6.5% in January of 2005, but this number dropped quite a bit the following year. By January of 2006, that number had dropped to 5.3 percent. However this still represented a total of 175,575 people in the state who did not have a job.