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West Virginia Payday Loans

Small financial disasters usually happen when you have no extra income. It never fails; the car breaks down, or the kids get sick when it's days away from your next payday. When this happens, the quickest, easiest way to get the cash you need is to apply for a West Virginia payday loan. These loans are designed to help you with your short-term finances, and when you get paid from your employer you just pay the money back. Instead of waiting weeks to get the car fixed, you can get it taken care of today.

West Virginia Payday Laws

Most states offer payday loans through local businesses. Unfortunately, due to the payday lending laws in West Virginia, this is not an option. There is currently a ban on payday loans originating in West Virginia, which prohibits businesses operating in West Virginia from providing customers with these short-term loans. While you can't go to a local business to get your West Virginia payday loan, you still have options. The lending laws in West Virginia do not prohibit residents from receiving payday loans from Internet lending institutions. is able to take advantage of this and provide West Virginia payday loans that offer excellent rates and generous repayment terms. When you are approved for a payday loan, the money you need will be available the same day, usually within an hour.

If you need cash today to cover your financial obligations, a payday loan is one of the easiest ways to do this. Payday loans allow you to write a check to the lender who gives you the cash you need today and holds your check until the end of the loan term. When you get paid from your job, you pay back the lender. In most cases, these loans are used for last minute expenses, but they can be used for anything you want to pay for. One company that offers payday loans to residents of West Virginia is Via the Internet, we are able to provide you with money you need today. Our application is simple and can be completed in less than two minutes. When you are approved, we deposit the money into your account. It's a worry-free process that can be completed from the privacy of your home.

Understanding the lending laws in West Virginia can be very difficult, but at we make it easy for you to understand the laws that are designed to protect the borrower. There are currently 19 states that have made it illegal for locally owned businesses to offer payday loans. One of these states is West Virginia. This law makes it illegal for a business based in West Virginia to provide payday loans to the residents of the state. Fortunately, there are aspects of the payday lending industry that are not illegal in West Virginia. At this time, it is still legal for companies that work alongside banks in the state to provide payday loans. In some cases, lenders have charged as much as 470% APR. It is also legal for companies that provide services through the Internet, such as, to offer West Virginia payday loans.

When it comes to interest rates for cash loans in the State of West Virginia, there are several laws that limit the interest rates that can be charged by lenders. These interest rate limitations are based on the amount borrowed and the length of the loan term. These laws are as follows:

  • No cash loan can be granted in the state of West Virginia for an amount that is over $45,000
  • Loans in the amount of $1,200 or less may have a non-refundable fee up to 2% of the loan amount.
  • Loans in the amount of $2,000 or less can be charged up to 31% interest.
  • Loans valued from $2,001 to $10,000 can be charged up to 27% interest.

If you are a West Virginia resident in need of a payday loan, look no further than We can provide you with the money you need to pay your bills and avoid late fees and interest rate increases that could cause long-term financial difficulties. To apply today, simply complete our secure online application. Stop worrying about how you will make it through until your next payday and let us help you. We look forward to working with you and helping you stay on top of your finances.

West Virginia Unemployment Rates

Over the last decade, the unemployment rate in West Virginia has never gone above 9.4%. For most of this time, the rates have stayed between four and six percent. In January 2005, approximately 5.9% of West Virginia residents were without a job. By the same time the following year, there were about 37,976 or 4.8% of the West Virginia population that were without employment.

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