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Wyoming Payday Loans

In the state of Wyoming, it is your legal right to apply for a Wyoming payday loan. can offer residents of the state help when they may find themselves having financial difficulties before their next payday is due. has been fortunate to receive a large number of compliments regarding our speed of service, as well as many good comments on other aspects of our service. Completing the application and the borrowing process will only take a few short minutes. The processing of the application is quick and easy enabling you to get the money that you need moved into your bank account in as little as sixty minutes from now. The Wyoming payday loan service is designed to be fast, simple, and above all, stress-free.

Laws Relating to Wyoming Payday Loans

Wyoming payday loans are legal and residents do have the right to engage in, or take advantage of payday lending facilities. There are approximately 77 locations throughout the state where citizens can gain access to Wyoming payday loan cash. There are no legal restrictions on the total amount of cash an individual may borrow, but the law and do put restrictions on the length of time the loan can be paid back in. Any loan you take out has to be paid back within one month (30 days). The law also has restrictions on the total finance charges payday lenders in Wyoming can collect. The maximum amount of charges for Wyoming payday loans are $30 or 20% of the total loan amount, whichever is the greater. Wyoming payday loans have an APR of 780%, which would be considered high, even in the payday loan industry.

Quick cash does not need to be a dream; it can be a reality for all citizens of the state of Wyoming. In truth, citizens of America, regardless of state, can enjoy the benefits of a payday loan advance through Wyoming payday loans when they make an application for an easy cash advance at Our goal is to help any US citizens, including Wyoming residents that are in need of fast money with an easy payday loan. We can give excellent service and our payday loan application system is now easier than ever to use.

Perhaps you want to plan a special event and your budget is coming up short? Alternatively, you forgot you had to pay a bill that has become due. Then again, you may just want a few dollars to help you out until you get your next paycheck. Wyoming payday loans can offer you help whatever your needs. You can stabilize your cash flow with our payday loan offers: you can even make the application online at and it will only take you just a couple of minutes to complete the Wyoming payday loans process.

Wyoming citizens can now push away that stress, because your debts and bills can be easily dealt with through our quick and convenient system. We will give you the cash that you need and you pay us back when you get your next paycheck. We guarantee that your personal details will remain secure and you will see that our process is easy to get through. Take just a few of minutes to apply right now at

Any Wyoming payday loans lender must have a state issued license, as stipulated in W.S. 40-14-634. This must be in place before anyone can operate a cash lending business. The fee of $500 has to be paid and detailed information supplied within one month of setting up their business. The information covers the applicants name, business name, and business address.

The fees that a Wyoming payday loans company are allowed to charge are $30 or 20% per month in interest on the principal balance of the loan.

A Wyoming payday loans company is not limited as far as how much they can lend their clients. Wyoming is one of the few states that has not set a limit. However, a loan may not last longer than 30 days.

A Wyoming payday loans company must have a schedule of fees posted in an obvious place at their business. Client's rights and obligations must also be clearly indicated. The company also has the right to call in their payday loan that will then give the lender 20 days to make the full repayment. Wyoming payday loans may not be refinanced or in any way consolidated into a different payday loan.

Wyoming Unemployment Statistics

As of 2006, 11,912 people were unemployed in the state of Wyoming, which is the equivalent of 4.2%. This figure was a reduction from the same time one year earlier when 12, 327 people were considered unemployed. In the state of Wyoming, the unemployment rate has never gone over 6.7% in the past decade.